Monday, July 1, 2013

ACID Hip Hop Group

     ACID is a Myanmar Hip Hop Group by Yan Yan Chan , Zayer Thaw , Hein Zaw and Anegga . First of their music album , Beginning , was released in 2000 . At that time , most of the Myanmar people are not familiar with their hip hop music . Somebody said it is like a Myanmar music flow " Than Chat " . That's why , everybody were thought Beginning would be failure . But fortunately , their album was got the number one position of the Myanmar music charts for more than two months . So , they became a popular hip hop group in Myanmar music industry because of the presentation of their music style . Mixing of Myanmar's some famous singers songs and their own tune . For example , a song title of Poem's Heart ( Ka Byar Nha Lone Thar )

     In 2006 , bad of the luck storm start destroyed their group . Hein Zaw was died at that year . And then , two of the members , Yan Yan Chan and Zayar Thaw were arrested in 2008 by " State Peace and Development Council " for the group's allegedly pro-democracy lyrics . Only Anegga was the balance of the group . That's why , their second album was never came out and group was disappeared . 

   After that , Yan Yan Chan was released on 2009 January and Zayar Thaw was released on 2011 May also . The story of ACID was so sad and Myanmar's Hip Hoper are mark as " First Generation of Hip Hop Music " now-a-day . One year later , three of them were re-united and create a last song title of " Windows " ( Pya Tin Pout ) .

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