Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chaung Thar Beach

   Chaung Thar Beach is located at 40 km ( 25 miles ) from west of Pathein City , Ayerwaddy Division . It is about 5 hours drive from Yangon , Captical of Myanmar . It is an attractive wide beach and coconut palm also can be seen at the back of beach . Eventhough , 2 small islands can be seen at the offshore . Seafoods and coconut juice from Chaung Thar Beach are very fresh and delicious . At the late of 1990 , Chaung Thar is becoming famous and popularity . That's why , hotels , motels and resorts are uprising along the beach .
      While sitting on the beach , can feel the fresh air from the sea and for a moment can run away from tired and pressure from the real life . Moreover , ride on the ocean wave , ride horses , cycling and take a ride traditional bullock cart along the sandy beach are also can give relax to you .
     Even can visit to villages near Chaung Thar Beach and can try traditional and regional foods . In the villages , there's a shop . it's selling fancy jewellery made of shells , cowries , huge rock-shrimp and fossilized marine flora etc. to take back as souvenirs or presents . 

     Sunset from the Chaung Thar is amazing and exciting because of the magnificent flamming sky happened by the blood-red sun is slowly dropping into the indian ocean . That's time reflecting of the sun from the sea surface is going around the sky . So , Chaung Thar Beach is completely of beauty and full of satisfaction .

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