Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mont Hin Khar

Mont Hin Khar is a Myanmar traditional food and it has very delicious taste . It is a kind of soup and available in most parts of the country . It is usually eaten as breakfast . The main ingredients of Mont Hin Khar are chickpea flour , crushed toasted rice , garlic , onion , lemongrass , banana tree stem , ginger , fish paste and fish sauce . It is served with rice vermicelli , and also dressed and garnished with fish sauce , a squeeze of lime , crisp fried onions , coriander , spring onions , crushed dry chilliand as optional extras like crispy fried fritters such as split chickpeas ( Pe' Kyaw ) , gourd ( Bu Thee Kyaw ) or sliced pieces of chinese donuts ( Ee Kyar Kaye ) , as well as boiled eggs also .

At the present day , Mont Hin Khar is selling by the street hawkers and roadside shops at throughout the day . Mont Hin Khar is also served with all the trimmings at formal functions and nowadays it's sold in dry packets as a ready-made podwer that is used for making the broth . That's why , Mont Hin Khar is a famous popular dish for the Myanmar's people ad don't forget to taste it .

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