Saturday, July 27, 2013


U Kyaw Kyaw is a Trader and he lived in Yangon . He often go to Mandalay . One day , he went to Mandalay and he went to hotel where he always take the room whenever he arrived at Mandalay . Unfortunately , on that day , all the rooms were occupy . But the receptionist said at the first floor , only single room was balance but the restroom was still maintaining and can't use and when you want to use , need to go public restroom . U Kyaw Kyaw agreed with her and took the room . 

He stayed for 2 nights and without issued for the restroom . But problem was started at check out day . He wanted to use the restroom before he check out immediately and he went to public restroom . Unfortunately , all the restrooms were full occupy . He can't control himself any longer and he went to the ground floor public restroom . When he arrived same problem again occur . At the last , he went to his room and he found a flower vase . He take out the flowers and he solved his matter and he put the flowers in a vase back .

After 2 days , when he staying in Yangon , the hotel from Mandalay give a call to him . They said to him " We will forgive you , but please tell us where did you finish your matter " .

Credit to : Funny Heaven ( Sayar Than )

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