Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ju ( Author )

     Ju is a Burmese Novel Writer , well known for her characters roles that express the Myanmar educated women's strong minds and high intelligence . Ju was born on 20 September 1958 in Yae Nan Gyaung City , Magway Division , Myanmar . She is the third child of U Thaung and Daw Nyein , having five silbings . She graduated from high school at Yae Nan Chaung in 1975 .

     She started writing while in University of Medicine , Mandalay and her first short story ( Yar Za Win Htae Mhar mg Ko Htar Khae ) was published in 1979 . Her first novel ( A Mhat Ta Ya ) was a best seller in 1987 .

     She published round about fifteen novels ( most of them were produced on films ) , seven collections of short stories and seven collections of articles on the environment . Some of her published novels are 1. A Mhat Ta Ya , 2. Myit Tod Ei Maryar , 3. Essential Rain , 4. My Tree , 5. Yar Za Win htae Mhar Mg Ko Htar Khae , 6. Yae Myaw thee , 7. The Book I Read , 8. Thu Min Ko Bel Tot Mha etc.  She currently works as a co-founder of an HIV positive children orphanage and also a participant in the HIV ? AIDS Media Initiative and Yadana metta Foundation .

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