Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Moe Yu San ( Actress )

     Moe Yu San is a film actress and advertising model in Myanmar . She was born on July 11 , 1991 in Yangon , Myanmar . She wanted to be an actress since she was in high school . That's why , she started to compete in many of Miss Competitions after high school finished . She never forgive to achieve her goal and she walked through to her dream . In 2007 , she got a lot of successful as titles of awards , those are Miss Favourite , Miss Shwe Mingalar Sone Twel , Miss Angel or Demon , Miss Now How , Miss Now How Popular and Miss Moe Yan .

     After that , she started to perform in advertising and shooted for magazines' covers . That's made for her become a model and actress . Until the present , she performed in over 70 videos and appeared in many magazines' covers . Her character is peace and quite . Singing also one of her interested hobbies . She doesn't had Email and Facebook account . She often donated her artist fees to so many foundations .

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