Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mont Let Kout

     Mont Let Kout is one of Myanmar's traditional snack food . It's like a donut and most of Myanmar people are having after lunch . The main ingredients of Mont Let Kout are sticky rice powder and normal rice powder . Even-though , sunflower oil , soda , salt , brown palm sugar cube and chick peas are the rests of that . Actually , making of Mont Let Kout is not difficult . First of all , need to boil chick peas and mash it well . After that , mix sticky rice powder , normal rice powder , soda , salt , mashed chick pea and water together to make a dough .

     Then , need to press a dough repeating up and down until become normal sticky dough . At the same time , put the oil in the fry pan on the stove with medium heat . When all are ready , make a dough to rings shape or circle shape and put them into the oil . Need to fry the ring dough ( Mont Lat Kout ) until the brown color changeed . Then , mix and stir hot water , brown palm sugar cube and a little salt to make sauce . 

     At the last , have the Mont Lat Kout with brown palm sugar sauce . Even doesn't have a time to make Mont Let Kout , can buy from street hawkers and market . If have you never eaten that , try to make and have it because Mont Let Kout are really delicious and tasty .

Photo credit to : Wutyee Food House 

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