Wednesday, July 3, 2013


    MYMC is a short term of Myanmar Youth Media Group and its founded on 24 February 2009 as a online media . They created a website( facebook page( ). They had a nice looking website and a lot of categories . Especially , the music playlists , its made a famous website within Myanmar's people . Why ? Because of their music collecting skills and given skills for the title of playlists . Moreover , they created a online radio for 24 hours .
     Interviews , Games , Technology , Knowlegde 101 and Programs are also their creation articles . Whatever , their website given entertainment about music and knowlegdes and so much on . Eventhough , they are warmly welcome ideas , comments and advices about their website as their motto " Youth to Youth " . If anything want to share or anything want to know about MYMC , can send a mail to

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