Friday, July 19, 2013

Nine Nine Sanay

Nine Nine Sanay is a well-known author ( blogger ) among the Myanmar's people . Her real name is Mee Mee and her home town is Taung Gyi , Shan State , Myanmar . She is Lahu race ( one of Myanmar's ethnic ) and religion is Buddhist . She started to write at 2004 and her blog was created on 2006 . She still not wrote a novel and only translated some of short articles . But ability of her translation skill was awesome and perfect . That's why , she got a lot of audience now-a-day because all of her articles can shot the people's heart . Sometime , she wrote about her trips and cooking's styles . Her first book was came out on 2010 and 17 books were already distributed . 

At the present , she staying with her husband at USA ( United State of America ) and she still writing on . Her facebook address is and E-mail is .

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