Thursday, July 25, 2013


The Palaung are a Mon-Khmer ethnic minority found in Shan State of Myanmar , Yunnan province of China and northern Thailand . They live mainly in the northern parts of Shan State in the Palaung Self-Administered Zone , with the capital at Namshan . There are three main subgroups of Ta'ang : the pale' , Shwe and Rumai . The palaung State Liberation Army was a rebel group which fought against the Myanmar government starting from January 1963 but entered a cease-fire agreement with Myanmar government in April 1991 .

In China , they are referred to as the De'ang people . The Chinese government groups together the Pale' , Raing , Rumai and Shwe peoples as the De'ang ethnic nationality . The group also includes the Danau ( Danaw ) who may no longer have a seperate identity from the Pale' .

There main language is Palaung and most of the De'ang are adherents of Theravada Buddhism . That's why , Buddhist temples can be found in most of their towns . Buddhism is present in all of the daily activities of the ethnic group . The Raing are the only one of the four groups who have never converted to Buddhism . The majority of the Raing are animists .

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