Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thandah Hlaing

Thundah Hlaing , also known as Christie Mackenzie was born in Myanmar . She inherited the name Mackenzie from the Scottish ancestors on her father’s side . She attended secondary school in Myanmar and continued her university education in legal studies at the University of New England , Australia . During her 11-year stay in Australia , she also worked under the auspices of the UN for various humanitarian projects . Today , she has settled back in Yangon running her consultancy service and legal and development projects and back into modelling .

In 1996 , Christie started modeling career as the first pan Asian model in Myanmar . Today , she is the only Catwalk Model in her thirties among new generations . Beside the runway , she continues to appear prominently on billboards , posters , calendars , magazine & journal covers . She currently works as a TVC model and a TV host for shows on health , nutrition , beauty and fashions .

Christie is highly respected among young people as a role model . Besides her parental duties and her career as a fashion model , with her background in law and psychology , she has developed a passion for social justice , peace and charity work . As a nutrionist she works to educate young people on the importance of health, nutrition as well as beauty . As a female entrepreneur she now has a consultancy firm called Blay Mackenzie Legal and Development Consultants with her partners in Yangon , Sydney and soon to open in London .

She is the Brand Ambassador for Exclusive products in health and natural products , which she believes in and use it herself personally . Here are the list of brands that she is now representing as a Brand Ambassador . 

  • Brand's Birdnest
  • Yes i Shampoo 
Her E-mail address is .

Credit to : Thandah Hlaing FB Page

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