Monday, July 22, 2013

The Ant and the Dove

One day , an Ant was walking along a path made by his friends . Suddenly , the Ant stopped where it was and said out loud , " I'm thirsty ! " A Dove in a tree nearby said to the Ant , " Why not get a drink from the stream ? Just be careful not to fall in . " The Dove went back to looking at the rest of the ants and relaxing on the branch . The Ant listened and went to stream for a drink . 
A few second later , the Dove heard the Ant yelling , " Help ! I'm drowning . " The Dove used her beak to pluck a leaf from the tree amd flew to the stream . She dropped the leaf beside the Ant . The Ant climbed onto the leaf and used it like a boat to float to safety . " Thank you , friend " , said the little Ant . Not very long after , the Ant saw a hunter . He was using a trap to catch birds . The Ant watched as the Dove was flying towards the Hunter and his trap . The Ant opened its jaws wide and bit the Hunter on the ankle . " Ouch ! " the Hunter yelled . The Dove heard the Hunter and flew away safely .
According above the story , the Dove's heart was very kind , sincerely and helpful . Because of her helpful to the Ant , she escaped from the dangerous . For the Ant , he had loyalty and gratitude . Dove saved his life and when the Dove faced the dangerous , he saved again her without take care about his life . That's why , this story was giving a lesson about " FRIENDSHIP " .

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