Tuesday, July 9, 2013


     Job is a part of  life , without job is without dream . That's why , everybody is finding a suitable job for their whole dream to come true .

     www.work.com.mm is one of the leading job site of Myanmar and it's always free to serve . To find a job or to find an employee , it's  useful as a weapon . Work.com.mm is founded by Rocket Internet , it was currently operates 50+ websites throughout the world and has also invested in Facebook and LinkedIn . Rocket Internet is one of the most successful internet investment companies in globally .

     Their mission is " Do the best, be the best and work for the best " . And they said " they are thrilled to help people who are seeking better jobs in different business sectors through their fantastic website plus they provide their excellent services for all people in Myanmar " . They launched  at june 2012 and their office at Room No. 512 , 5th floor , Hledan Center , Kamayut Township , Yangon , Myanmar . If anyone , who want to contact for any reason Ph no : + 01-2305629 , 09-42001223 , 09-425027527 , Email : contact@work.com.mm .

     Officially website :


  1. Dear Admin,
    The Work.com.mm contact address was old one and current address is Room No.512, 5th floor, Hledan Center, Corner of Pyay Road and Hledan Road. Phone No : 01-2305629, 09 420012233, 09 425027527.